Case Studies/Testimonials


The overall service I receive from Lori has always been superior, she always goes above and beyond to resolve any situation I may encounter. I have been using Lori’s services for over 25 years and I am very satisfied with all aspects of her work. She always returns phone calls promptly and if she cannot resolve the issue over the phone she will personally come to the office and assist me in making sure I understand the errors and how to correct them properly. We recommend her services highly as she is very educated and professional in her line of work.

~Sandra C., Battlefield Excavating Inc. ~



Jane Doe’s business partner suddenly left her. Worse, he took all of the accounting/bookkeeping books! Jane needed to begin from scratch. Lori Verbeek & Associates got Jane’s books up and running, without any accounting records nor history! Subsequently trained in NewViews, Jane was able to maintain her books from that point forward.

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